Andy McKee at Barnes and Noble on Vine, Zo2, Jeff Scott Soto and Fozzy at The Whisky, Spazmatics at Canyon 1/14/2011-3 SHOWS!

About a 100 mile trip.  I started at 5:30PM and had to deal with horrible 101 traffic.   I stopped near Calabasas for a while and waited for it to die down.   When I got to Sunset, I parked by the Palladium and hiked a few blocks to the bookstore.  I got to Andy McKee’s performance right before he started played “Drifting”, which was perfect.

To spectate, I found a spot by the Business and Money Management section and got a little book stool at the end of the aisle.  I stood on that and took pictures.  He played “Never Going Back Again”, by Fleetwood Mac, a new song (it had lots of harp harmonics) and “Rylynn.”     I’m glad I took a chance driving out there- it paid off.   Andy was as humble as he was incredible.



I jumped in the car and drove down to Sunset Strip.   I went to that neat drive-thru McDonalds on Sunset and Laurel for coffee and then parked across the street from the Rainbow and Key Club.   I immediately went to the Whisky.    First band was too loud, so I went back to the car and charged up my phone for a while and waited for the next band there.   

   IMG_0607IMG_0613IMG_0611IMG_0660 IMG_0685IMG_0659

The second band, Z02, was very good.     They also have a cool website: http://www.zo2.com/


Jeff Scott Soto’s band was amazing.  Howie Simon is an incredible guitarist.   Pontus Norgren (from Hammerfall and Talisman)  played a song with the band and is also a great guitarist.   That was a full on shred-fest.  They even played a Steel Dragon song-  Stand up and Shout.  I definitely got a much needed dose of awesome hard rock guitar playing.


Stand Up and Shout sample


Howie Shreds

Fozzy was a little too loud and unpolished for me.   I bailed after two songs around 11:30.  Sorry, Y2J.


I stopped back at the Canyon on the way home and caught the last set of the Spazmatics.     I watched people get knocked off the mechanical bull for a while, sat and checked stuff on my phone while the DJ played music and then heard five or six 80s songs by the band.  I left when they played a Wham tune.   As usual, they played well, but something was “off” about their performance.   I got home about 1:30AM.  



8 hours and 3 shows- not bad!!

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