OZOMATLI- Canyon Club with Vid NEW

A Wonderful Children’s Concert in Agoura

OZOKIDZ at the Canyon- 3/5/2011

On Saturday, 3/5/2001, the Canyon in Agoura held a children’s concert by a “culture-mashing” band called Ozomatli.   The band has been around for 15 years and have built quite a following with their music that crosses over many genres, from Latin jazz to rap to rock-n-roll. Their skilled musicianship and positive energy make for a great show. They are touring behind their soon to be released kids’ album under the name “Ozokidz”.

There was a considerable crowd on hand for the afternoon event. As families filed into the venue, the kids marveled at the huge chair near the box office and stopped by the merchandise booth to pick up Ozokidz tambourines, shakers and apparel before being seated at dinner tables on each side of the stage.


There was a special “VIP area” sectioned off in front of the stage for children 11 and under. I reluctantly allowed my two year old daughter to join the older kids next to the stage. I was truly touched when the kids took such a liking to her- playing with her hair and her pink OZO tambourine that we picked up from their performance at the Grammy Museum last month.

The band entered from the side of the venue and played their music “marching band style” throughout the venue, into the crowd and up onto the stage.


It was an incredible set of music for the kids and a very interactive show. They were high-fiving the kids, brought many of them onstage to sing and dance and had the entire crowd energized- from toddlers to grandparents. They’d also throw in parts to familiar kids’ songs on the horns here and there during their songs. The sound and volume of the music was perfect and the venue did an excellent job in pulling off this event.


They concluded the event by playing in the back of the venue on tables and into the crowd. It was an exciting way to end this great event.


After the show, I overheard many parents and children talking about this being their first “real” concert together. It was a positive experience and will be a great memory for everyone in attendance.

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