God Bless Ozzy Osbourne Century Theater 8/24/2011


What a great movie.   

I remember sitting at home on a vacation day in 2000  when the phone rang around 9:00AM.    My friend was in Vegas on business.   He said he was across from the Hard Rock Hotel and that Ozzy was playing there that night and  DO I WANT A TO GO?   I’d seen him 4 or 5 times before this and the “then” steep price of $75 didn’t phase me a bit.   I booked a flight with a 6AM return time (I didn’t pack a thing), made it to Burbank by 11:00AM and got ready to board the next plane.   As I am in line to board, there are these heavy metal looking dudes in front of me with this little kid in a Tool t-shirt. One guy had really choppy hair and the other guy just looked like some random metal dude. I figured it was the band Tool and left it at that. While in line, I called some other friends in Vegas and told them to meet me at the Ozzy concert.  As soon as I said I said “Ozzy concert”, all the guys in front of me in line turned around and smiled.  We board the plane and get to Vegas.   Around 1PM, I am hanging out with my friend and then some other friends that also happened to be there for the show.    Hours later, I am in Vegas with a bunch of friends enjoying Ozzy in the newest, best state-of-the-art venue of its time in Vegas).   As Ozzy’s band is absolutely tearing it up onstage, I realize the guys in front of me in line were the guitar player (Joe Holmes) and the drummer (Brian Tichy).    I quickly deduced that the small child with them spotting the Tool t-shirt was none other than Jack Osbourne.   Out of all the times I ever saw Ozzy, that was easily the best.  To me, it was the height of his concerts.     The Osbournes television series came along shortly thereafter.     That was only 11 years ago and Jack has grown up, done well from himself and also did a very fine job on this film. It shows you how time flies, yet puts things in perspective.

After seeing the premiere of That Metal Show with Tony Iommi last week, it was only fitting to see a feature length film on the only member of Black Sabbath not to appear on that show.


Just before the show started, I spotted an old classmate from the early 80s that always was a huge Randy Rhoads fan sitting just a few aisles down from me.   He’s at least 40 now and was engaged in a popcorn fight before the movie started.  It made me laugh for a minute and think of the good old days of heavy metal back when Randy Rhoads was still alive.



What is it with Fathom movies in movie theaters? I’ve seen about $100 worth of their movies at this theater and the general consensus is that the volume is always way too low.    When I go again for next week’s viewing, ‘I’ll be sure to ask whichever venue I attend to crank the volume a little more.

Unfortunately, the loud guy behind me talked non-stop during the dialog and loudly whispered the lyrics to all the music that played.  It sucked and was annoying.   I moved as a result of it.   And I could still hear him rambling on from the other side of the theater.

The movie had some killer Sabbath stories.   It was interesting hearing how a poor kid was suddenly rich and famous in his early 20s.   It came at a price.  Each interview with the others member of Sabbath told it how it really was with Ozzy and the reasons he got the boot.    And the Sabbath concert footage totally rocked.   

Overall, there was some spectacular still footage and video clips that really rocked.  Seeing a time-lapse view of his preparation and his warm-up techniques for a concert was  quite interesting.

This is a rare glimpse into the life of John Osborne with stories you probably haven’t heard anywhere else….

It was an honest, insightful film where each of his 5 kids said that he wasn’t a very good dad with his rock star lifstyle, but he seems to have somewhat redeemed himself  over the years.    I think that’s the real point of story.

Seeing his lesser known kids Aimee and Lou and Jessica was really cool and made him seem like less of a cartoon character and more of a real person with some serious issues.    And Jack and Kelly got just the right amount of screen time…

Tommy Lee told some wild and shocking stories about their tour and, along with many other rock stars and family members, confirmed that nobody partied harder than Ozzy.   Sharon is a saint for putting up with him all these years.

Seeing Ozzy oil paint and drive around Beverly Hills at 60 year old while seemingly semi-coherent was cool.  He made me not so upset at the prospect of getting really old someday.

A lot of people left when the initial credits rolled.   That was a huge mistake.   As was advertised before the film, the interview at the end with Jack and Ozzy was great.   It was a great segment.   Jack seems proud that Ozzy was able to go on to be bigger than Sabbath as a solo artist, but also pulled no punches about having him as a dad.    I’m sure the 14 people still in attendance enjoyed the end.

And in true rock and roll style, somebody puked in the bathroom when the show let out.   


I wonder which movie that sickened moviegoer was watching.      It was probably the dude that never shut up in the back of the theater during the show.  Or perhaps my old classmate that was throwing popcorn.

In any case, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.

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