George Benson George Duke Marcus Miller David Sanborn (DMS) HOLLYWOOD BOWL 8/31/2011

I think this show signaled the end of the summer.   I saw kids getting out of school on the way there.   Traffic is back to being awful in the early afternoons.   There’s an art to attending concerts at the Bowl- from parking to dining to seating to an exit strategy (beating the other 15000 people out of the parking lot and onto the freeway, etc. etc.).    Being able to bring food and drinks into the venue is great, but there were quite a few drunk people at the show.   It was the worst crowd in terms of inconsiderate people I’ve experienced this year.   It’s quite obvious that a lot of people are just there to party. 

(DMS) David Sanborn, Marcus Miller and George Duke opened the show.     It started off strong and there was some great playing in their set.   Some of the songs were of the easy listening variety, but the band managed to pack a punch into some very mellow tunes.   Marcus Miller was playing great, as always.  The drummer was also really jamming out.   I’d see them again, but I think I liked Marcus Miller’s band that opened up for Chick Corea (SMV) better than this one… Can’t they come up with better names for bands than the last name intial acronyms?



George Benson is one of my favorites and I’ve seen him many times over the years.   He’s always been a brilliant guitar player and singer.      Tonight, he played a lot of his favorites and some odd cover songs, like Norah Jones and a Stevie Wonder tune.  He also played “Tequila”.  However, he didn’t play “On Broadway”, so that’s a huge foul right there….  He could have scratched a lot of the songs he played in order to make it a better set.  And I think I’ve seen him enough times that I probably don’t need to see him too many more times in concert.     Looking back,   I’d have to say I like the opening band better than George tonight.  

Even so, I’m glad I went- the Bowl is as nice as ever and I am looking forward to a few more visits before the end of the concert season.













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