The Human League, The B-52’s, The Fixx, Berlin Hollywood Bowl 9/2/2011

Totally 80s!!!

I got there early to beat traffic and enjoyed the beautiful grounds of the Hollywood Bowl- my favorite venue of all time.   When the show started, I moved around quite a bit to find the best spot for sound. My seat was in the terrace/ super seat section, but I felt like cruising around the Bowl a bit and checking the show out from different vantage points.  

Berlin sounded really good.  I’ve never recalled them NOT sounding good (and I’ve seen them quite a few times).   They played a really short set of their best tunes. The Fixx sounded good, but they played too long. They should have just played their 3 songs and called it an evening. And Berlin shouldn’t have opened for them. The B-52s were OK. I’m not a big fan, but I was interesting in seeing them. Kate Pierson still has an incredible voice and their bass player did a remarkable job. But they also played too long. 3 or 4 songs would have been enough. The other sings wore a sweater that looked like a mix Freddy Krueger’s sweater and my older kid’s lady bug Halloween costume from 2008.  Anyhow,  I was really hoping for that song Channel Z (all static, all day forever, or something like that). I like that tune. The Human League was OK, but could have done a few less songs. You be the judge. They played their two popular songs (I couldn’t think of any more of their songs I needed to hear) and people were leaving in droves.  Not wanting to get stuck in Bowl traffic, I ended up leaving as well and almost made it all the way to the street when I heard another of their familiar tunes- "Don’t You Want Me" (I guess they had 3 after all), so I turned around and boogied back into the Bowl.   It sounded good- it took me about 90 seconds to get from the parking lot to the garden box section. I taped it. That was easily the best vantage point of the evening.  They played another song for about 30 seconds when I darted back to my car, got in it, waited for the light to turn green at the intersection and was on the freeway in no time, thus beating the Labor Day traffic.

80s concerts should be in a format of 7 or 8 bands doing 3 to 4 songs each (or 5 if you’re Berlin).    I’ve seen it pulled off before with great results.


Terri Nunn also did a great job as the host of the show.











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