Def Leppard/ Heart Gibson Amphitheatre 9/7/2011

I was excited to see Heart again (probably for the 8th time) and wasn’t very fired up about seeing Def Leppard.  I saw them 5 or 6 years ago in Santa Barbara.   They were awful back then, so I figured they were done.   I was wrong.  This was easily on of the best shows of the year.  As I made my way to the venue, I noticed there were quite a few people there who where missing arms. It then dawned on me that they were most likely there to see Rick Allen.   I thought that was totally cool.  I got there just as Heart was finishing their opening number.      As always, they sounded great.   The old songs hold up so well and Ann and Nancy were in top form.  The 70 minutes they played went by fast.  I didn’t expect to stick around very long for Def Leppard.       They were my favorite band in the 5th grade, so it was cool to be able to relive my youth and enjoy the show.          The sound had a little too much bass and was unbalanaced at times, but most of the songs sounded great and everyone played very well.  Phil Collen actually redeemed himself from his ridiculous“shredding” on That Metal Show and Vivian Campbell was just on fire.   The people around me grumbled during the bass solo.  Their set also flew by and I stayed for the entire show.     I’m really kind of in shock over how much I liked it.   It rocked.   I never would have guessed.




PLAY LIST: http://www.youtube.com/p/B44EF4087E5A0E60?version=3&hl=en_US





1. Rock and Roll 2. Magic Man 3. Heartless 4. Straight On 5. What About Love 6. These Dreams 7. Alone 8. WTF 9. Crazy On You 10. Barracuda Encore: 11. The Battle Of Evermore 12. Love, Reign O’er Me

Def Leppard

1.Undefeated 2. Let’s Get Rocked 3. Animal 4. Foolin’ 5. Love Bites 6. Bass Solo 7. Rock On 8. Rocket 9. Two Steps Behind 10. Bringin’ on the Heartbreak 11. Switch 625 12. Hysteria 13. Armageddon It 14. Photograph 15. Pour Some Sugar on Me Encore: 16. Rock of Ages




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