Jimmy Kimmel Live/ Cleto and the Cletones 9/13/2011

I try to get to a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping at least every year or two regardless of the show’s guests and featured musical performers.   Taping starts right after rush hour, so it’s always best to get down to Hollywood in the early afternoon and grab a bite to eat before waiting in line to check in for the show.    Plus, they have some good new restaurants at Hollywood and Highland and catching happy hour there is a good way to prepare for a TV taping.   It’s best to have a drink or two and eat more of a dinner sized portion than a “snack” (you won’t get to eat again until 8:30 or 9:00).    From there, once you are headed across Hollywood Blvd. to the show’s studio, you can be accosted by street performers and crack heads trying to sell you some of their shitty mix tapes.   The best policy there is to just ignore those people and keep on walking to the crosswalk  near the Chinese Theater.      Then it’s time to sit and wait in line.  There’s lots to see across the street.   Food and coffee are good while standing there.   Once inside the studio, it’s a pretty efficient process and a very entertaining couple of hours that produces roughly 42 minutes of television time.



Jimmy is always hilarious and his house band really rocks.    Out of all the late night talk show house bands, I like Cleto and The Cletones the best.     Not only can those guys play anything, but they are quite witty and always sound great.     The same can’t always be said for the musical performers of the evening.   I wasn’t too crazy about tonight’s performer (maybe I’m getting old), but you cant really beat Cleto and The Cletones anyway.  I saw The Pretenders rock that place once (awesome!), along with other big acts like Scott Weiland and Social Distortion.   As always,  I’m a good audience member and refrained from taking any pictures of the studio or the lobby…   This is definitely the best way to waste a few early evening hours in Hollywood for free.





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