Blondie Club Nokia 10/5/2011

The Blondie concert kicked major ass.   She rocked hard the last time I saw her around 2005, but I wasn’t sure if she still had it at her “advanced” age of 66 years.   After the first tune, she erased any doubt-  she clearly still rocks.    She has a great band, great moves, and awesome songs.    She played 17 songs with her band over the course of 90 minutes.  She dedicated the show to Steve Jobs (RIP), which was cool.     There were new songs, old songs and a few surprising cover tunes.   I didn’t expect Blondie to play a ZZ Top song and I definitely didn’t think she’d play a Beastie Boys tunes, but she did both.   The new songs sound really good and the old favorites were just awesome.   The drummer and the keyboard player (who was rocking a key-tar during part of the show) are exceptional and there were some cool Spanish guitar parts during the set as well.  She’s definitely the sexiest senior citizen I’ve ever seen.  If Blondie tours into her 70s, I’m totally there.  



Set list:
Union City Blue
Call Me
Girlie Girlie
(Sophia George cover)
What I Heard
China Shoes
Wipe off My Sweat
Horizontal Twist
Rapture / Fight For Your Right
(Beastie Boys cover)
One Way or Another

The Tide Is High
(The Paragons cover)
Sharp Dressed Man
(ZZ Top cover)
Heart of Glass

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