Circa Canyon Club 10/6/2011

This band features former members of Yes and a few hired guns.  It was a fine display in progressive rock music.  I really didn’t like the vocals, but everyone played really well.   There was some great guitar work and drumming.   The highlight was Tony Kaye- he was awesome on keyboards.   During his solo, this couple sits down at the table next to me and just starts up some meaningless conversation like they are at a restaurant and not a concert.     After years of being annoyed by people who talk over a band playing, I finally turned around and told this couple that they needed to stop talking during the show.   And I told them twice.   The guy seemed shocked that someone would be so bold to actually point out how rude they were being.      They bailed shortly thereafter, but if they annoy just one less person at a concert in the future, then it was worth the effort.  As a side note, I’ve often thought about some way to shut people up during concerts in some passive-aggressive manner where they get the point and shut up at the same time.   I think I’m one step closer to that.  They had somewhat of a late start and I watched about an hour of the show, but lack of sleep over the last few days forced me to leave before the end of the set.   And I most likely missed “Roundabout”, which was probably their encore- I’m pretty bummed out about that.   



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