Wayne Static (of Static-X) The Key Club 10/10/2011


What a fun Monday night on the Sunset Strip with lots of metal.   The people in the car next to me where I parked were going to the Decapitated show at The Whisky.  I was kind of intrigued, so  I walked down that way and checked out the scene over there before heading back to the Key Club. 

I wore flip-flops at the Key Club, so I avoided any type of slam dancing.   The crowd wasn’t intimidating in the least anyway- I think all the tough people were probably at the more extreme metal show down the street.  

Wayne Static and his band came out and played a killer version of “Push It”.   I ditched my ear plugs after the first verse- the sound level was almost perfect inside the venue and ear plugs usually ruin the music anyway.   That song alone was made it worth attending the show.    

Black and White was also killer: They played quite a bit of material off Wisconsin Death Trip (good call!) and some selections from his solo disc, Pighammer .   They played and drank and drank and played.     Shots were brought out to him by his wife, who was accompanied by two other scantily-clad women, who also supplied shots to the band.  


They also acted as cheerleaders of sorts and did some cool choreography along to the first single off of Pighammer, called “The Assassins of Youth”.  

“Bled For Days” was killer. “Permanence” rocked! “Cold” was pretty cool (no pun intended), but I probably would have traded it for a song off of “Shadow Zone” instead (the title track would have worked) “Destroy All jammed. “Static Killer” from the new album sounded really good. Cannibal rocked. The place was literally moving. The Trance is the Motion had a killer display of glowing stuff by the “Shot Girls” “I’m With Stupid” rocked. Great synchronized/ choreographic evil disco metal. A Couple more shots with Wayne: “Love Dump” was a good choice for the encore. The crowd loved it. “This is Not” was a very good way to end the show.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire set.   I would have liked to have heard “Wisconsin Death Trip”, “Sweat of the Bud”, “Shadow Zone” and “Get To The Gone” (among a few others- the dude has TONS of killer tunes, but he really rocked hard and it sounded really good.   Afterwards, I almost took a trip to the House of Blues to see Steel Panther, but I  didn’t feel like getting home after 3AM.

Here’s a parting shot of Wayne dancing to the Kiss disco song. The irony…… And when it comes to metal beards, look no further…… Wayne has everyone beat there by a mile (or at least a yard).



10 Responses to “Wayne Static (of Static-X) The Key Club 10/10/2011”

  1. October 11, 2011 at 11:27 am

    Decapitated was supposed to play Odessa, TX 10/06/2011 but cancelled due to low presales. I wasn’t going anyway as I’d planned to attend Wayne Static in Lubbock,TX on that night already in advance. It was awesome.

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