Roger Daltrey Performs The Who’s Tommy Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE Los Angeles, CA Wed, Oct 19, 2011 07:30 PM


I remember being very young in the 70s when my parents took me along to the local drive-in movie theater to see The Who’s Tommy.   What were they thinking?    I was probably only 3 or 4 when the rock opera came out and it was definitely my first “WTF?” moment ever.  I think I probably slept through most of it, but I did see parts and I was absolutely tormented by freaky images of Elton John, Tina Turner and Roger Daltrey.     I was already bothered by my uncle’s LPs of Elton John- those big glasses and funny clothes scared me for some reason and gave me flashbacks over the years.   It took me a long time to recover from that movie.   It was nightmarish to me and was among the most disturbing moments of my childhood, but I really grew to love the music of The Who. 

Fast forward to about 35 years later….     I figured the best way to overcome my cinematic childhood trauma was to watch this concert live and see Tommy played in its entirety.   I was very intrigued by this tour and felt I needed to see it.   I saw both of The Who’s shows at the Hollywood Bowl back in 2006 and they were spectacular!   I actually hesitated to enter the venue and listened to the first few songs from the lobby.   Then I realized the section I was supposed to be in was closed, so I patiently waited as I was given a new seat location.   I think I actually started watching the show about 5 songs in.  That was fine with me.     I was joined by some friends later on during the show and I think that made my experience even more enjoyable.    Everyone had a really fun time and I think I’m over my childhood trauma of a movie I wish I had never seen. 



Although this was just Roger and his band, it was almost as good as the “real thing”.    Roger’s voice has seen better days, but he did a fine job, the band sounded great, the venue is wonderful and it was a fantastic show.  They barreled through Tommy and then played some hits, some covers and much to the delight and bewilderment of the crowd, a Johnny Cash medley.  His dialog between the songs was really good and he touched on some important points in The Who’s history , made some funny comments about the audience and discussed his throat surgery (he said that was the reason he sang the Cash tunes, as the lower range gave his voice a “break"), as well as Pete Townsend’s ability to return in a performing capacity with his hearing difficulties.     He then closed the show with a tune on the ukulele.  







Roger Daltrey Setlist NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2011, Roger Daltrey Performs The Who's Tommy

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