Yngwie Malmsteen Club Nokia 10/29/2011

First off, the drive to Downtown LA sucked!!!   I almost turned around and went home.  Had it been a lesser performer, I might have given up.      I got down there and still had a little time to eat, drink and make it to the show.    My seat was on the VIP balcony in last row on the far corner.  I couldn’t see the drums or keyboards and my view was blocked with a railing.     Looking down below, it didn’t seem like there were that many people there.   I felt bloated from eating too fast.   It made the show a little less enjoyable, but that’s my own fault.    The sound was overbearing for the opener- killer band, but I was feeling a little hypertensive.    I ran to the lounge towards the end.     Yngwie came out a while later- the sound level was actually really good and he was as fierce as ever on the guitar.   But over the course of the evening, the songs seemed to get louder and louder.   There are two things I always expect from an Yngwie concert- a little hearing loss (days of ears buzzing) and being completely blown away by his guitar playing.   Every other time I saw him, I was right in front of the stage, so this wasn’t as exciting sitting in a cushy seat upstairs.   Then again, not standing right in front of all his Marshall stacks made a big difference in the volume level and me not being deaf for days afterwards. And having caught a pick at one of his previous shows, I didn’t feel the need to stand there for hours hoping for a little piece of plastic to come my way. I did throw on some earplugs about halfway through the set when Ripper mentioned something about making the music louder. Thanks for the warning, Mr. Owens.  Yngwie kept beating up his guitars. He tossed them around, broke strings, slid them across the stage and just kept abusing them. It was amusing. I was waiting for one to get smashed or dropped by his roadie. I hung upstairs until the encore and then went to the floor to enjoy the rest of the show and plan my quick exit at the end.  Ripper sounded really good and the band did a fine job in keeping up with the guitar master.   Yngwie should not bother to sing- not one note….ever. He’s another guitarists on my "Do Not Sing" list. Singing on "Cherokee Warrior" and handling background vocals was a bad call. Sorry, Yngwie.      The highlight was at the very end of the when Yngwie smashed the shit out of his guitar at the end of “I’ll See The Light Tonight”.      He busted the headstock off and then just ripped it apart and threw it into the crowd. Whoever got the pickups and the strap really made out. I’m glad I was there to witness that…..  And my ears are buzzing a bit, but not like the last couple times I saw him.   I captured a few songs and quite a bit of soloing. Great show.


Rising Force: Dreaming:

Heaven Tonight: I’ll See the light Tonight (encore) with smashed gutiar:




Put down the microphone, Yngwie:


Set List

  1. Rising Force

  2. Never Die

  3. Shot Across the Bow

  4. Overture

  5. Critical Mass

  6. Badinerie

  7. Icarus’ Dream Suite

  8. Far Beyond the Sun

  9. Star Spangled Banner

  10. Enemy Within

  11. Red Devil

  12. Damnation Game

  13. Baroque & Roll

  14. Live To Fight (Another Day)

  15. Dreaming (Tell Me)

  16. Gates of Babylon

    (Rainbow cover)

  17. Into Valhalla

  18. Demon Driver

  19. Trilogy Suite Op: 5

  20. Blue

  21. Fugue

  22. Heaven Tonight


  1. Black Star

  2. Cherokee Warrior

  3. I’ll See the Light Tonight

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  1. March 11, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Wohh precisely what I was looking for, appreciate it for putting up.

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