Led Zeppelin 2 at the Key Club 11/5/2011

This was “Daylight Savings Night”.   The rolling back of the clocks couldn’t have come on a better evening. Instead of going back 1 hour, the clock rolled back about 40 years. Seriously.

Rock and roll!!    This show gave me a “That 70s show” type flashback….

When I was a little kid, my hippie uncle took me to the late night Saturday showing of “Song Remains The Same” at the local movie theater.  My first two “real” albums were Led Zeppelin IV and Van Halen II (compliments of said hippie uncle), so I was a young rocker from the get-go.  The movie started way later than my normal bedtime, but I was very determined to go.    People used to really party hard at movie theaters back in the day, so, in a way, it was a pretty fair introduction to concerts for me.  Before the movie, I vaguely remember my uncle and his friend giving me a few sips off the Lowenbrau they were drinking at the park across from the theater where everyone got their pre-movie groove on.     I really liked the movie, but with the late start and a little beer in my system, I think I drifted off into a deep sleep right about the time when Jimmy Page got out the violin bow.  

For years after that, I’d tell people that I saw Led Zeppelin in concert, not really grasping that it was just a movie and didn’t technically “count” as a concert.        I really love the music of Led Zeppelin, but sadly, I’ve never actually seen them in concert (they stopped touring many years before my first real concert)..  

  I’ve seen Robert Plant solo a few times (and as recently as a few months ago), but that’s the closest I’ve gotten.   Last year, I saw a symphonic version of Led Zeppelin music lead by Randy Jackson (from Zebra, not American Idol) at The Wiltern and it was one of the most incredible musical experiences of my life.    I’ve seen Jason Bonham on his Zeppelin tour, I’ve seen Led Zepagain play a few times over the years, and most recently, I enjoyed Dread Zeppelin at the Key Club.    Dread Zeppelin is an absolutely brilliant band (one of my favorites!) and their performance at the Key Club was a real highpoint of my concert going this year.  I’m usually pretty critical of cover bands (how many awful versions of Stairway to Heaven have you heard in your life?), but Led Zeppelin 2 has gained a solid reputation for putting on a great show, so I was quite excited to see them- and practically did so on a moment’s notice.


Around 9PM, we bid farewell to Rodney King, Octomom and Ron Jeremy at a party at the Avalon (true story) and made the drive over to Sunset.    I had drained my camera batteries taking pictures of Mark Schwind and friends, so we cruised The Strip a bit while my phone charged up so I could at least get some images of the show.     We then checked in at the door and, to my surprise, were escorted to an awesome VIP table.    I was happy just to be here, but this made the event all the more exciting!   I felt like a rock star.   Just looking at the stage took me back.  I usually mentally prepare for seeing a show at least a day or two before the show.   Not this time- all of the sudden, I’m at a show- and a good one at that!   The authentic looking drum set made me an instant fan of the band prior to their first note.    And it all at once made me remember going to see Song Remains The Same.   All of the sudden, I actually felt like a kid again.  I had a beer to celebrate the memory!  And then a second one to celebrate it again!  And a third to celebrate that extra hour we were about to get!


I smiled through the entire show, as I was magically transported back to “the days of my youth”.  The sound was excellent and the lighting was superb.     I’ve never had a band launch me into another era like this.   It was truly magnificent.    And I wasn’t alone in my thoughts here- it was a consensus.  Everyone was so into it- that makes a concert even better when people are all happy and rocking out.     The band rocked all the great hits and could have played every song in the catalog into the morning hours and I still would have been there!   They were sporting all the requisite Led Zeppelin garb and gear, like the retro outfits,  double neck guitar and a Danelectro to create an authentic and faithful rendition of all the classics- both visually and sound-wise.    This was a great experience!      Thanks to all the good people at The Key Club for such an extraordinary time.       Hopefully I can make it back again well before it’s time to “Spring forward”!  I’m sure I will!


Like an idiot, I tried to record a few songs onto my phone. These types of recordings usually look pretty good, but they always sound like crap with distorted drums and bass.    This is the only decent audio I got (with a blurry picture- the irony!):

Mark Schwind and I respectfully request a future double-billing of Led Zeppelin 2 and Dread Zeppelin at The Key Club- that would be perfect!!!


Mark Schwind keeping a low profile at The Key Club:


My Celebrity VIP buddies Kat and Jamie reliving the 70s in style!!


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