Dave Mason The Canyon 11/19/2011

As a young kid, I remember listening to Dave Mason 8-tracks on the long drives camping to various rivers and lakes in both Central and Northern California.    He was the “road trip music” of my youth.   I guess his music is now just a part of who I am, as it has left an indelible impression on me and I am always compelled to see him here every time he plays The Canyon.

Dave Mason is a true legend.    I was once given a trivia question with a $100 cash prize for the right answer.   Unfortunately, I didn’t know who played rhythm guitar on the original recording of “All Along The Watchtower” and wasn’t able to pocket the money (where was the Internet when I needed it?).   In fact, I had no idea and was kind of shocked to find out the answer.     Guess who?    This is my fifth time seeing Dave Mason and he always rocks, as does his great band.   He also brings in the largest crowds I’ve ever seen at the Canyon.   People were parking as far as the Do-It Center clear across the lot to get to the show.

He played for about an hour and 45 minutes.  Excellent guitar playing, musicianship and just a good, happy musical experience. I showed up right before his set started and stayed behind the mixing board by the door.   Every time someone went out on the patio for a smoke, the air outside felt great. The sound was good and it was a nice crowd of really happy people- just how I like it.      Like all enjoyable shows lately, it seems as if it went by in a heartbeat.   I’m very glad I attended my 4th Dave Mason show at the Canyon in 4 years…  Time and money well spent, for sure.

And he encored with "All Along The Watchtower".   The perfect sending to a great show.  










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