End of 2011- the start of my concert book from all the work this year

In 2011, I hit up 73 concerts and many other events and tapings of a musical nature that don’t really “qualify” as concerts.  Of the 73 (done over and 11 month span), I thoroughly enjoyed about 50 of them and only regretted going to between 5-10 of them, but they were all for the sake of research in one way or another.     Of the 73 shows, I only paid full price for a few of them.  Oftentimes, I’d enjoy tremendously discounted ticket prices or have been on the guest list.   Many times, I’ve gone to events with unused tickets that are sitting in a box because I didn’t try hard enough to give them away.   

I’m running behind in publishing my concert eBook that will explain current concert trends and a lot of the tricks, tips and observations that I will share from my personal experiences in planning and attending events.    Whether there are 50 people or 50,000 people at a show, there is a way to come and go without making it too hard on all involved.   I have a lot of experience that will make for a good read of these subjects. I’ve also been a lazy blogger this year and have done a mediocre job at reviewing concerts.   I’ve purposefully withheld some of the details that I would rather include in the publication. 

By using some of the techniques I’ve learned or improved during 2011, I will cover some strategies I’ve developed to make it easy on the wallet, while still maximizing enjoyment for different concerts such as metal, rock, blues, jazz, new wave and many other musical styles.   If you have a budget for 5 concerts this year, you may be able to stretch it out to 10 shows or more, depending on how you plan and what’s involved.

Here are some of the topics I am going to cover in my book:

Going VIP, but not paying hundreds to do it

Going on a shoe string budget

Ticketing- retail, cheap seats/ discount, papering, guest list/ comps

Free shows

Ticket box office trick

Ticketmaster trick

Upgrading your seats

Capturing memories- cameras, blogging, filming your friends reactions after shows, etc.

Small venues, theaters, larger venues, festivals

General admission



Scams in parking lots



Set Lists

Set Times

Cell Phone


Concert tricks….

Concert “kits”

Going alone versus with a friend, date or a group

Sound quality considerations/ ear plugs

Meeting the artist

Exit strategy

Meeting people


Security staff

Being safe

Using technology and Social Media to your advantage, BOTH BEFORE And AFTER THE SHOW

I’ve written my book in bits and pieces and it’s time to assemble and edit it for publication.  Some of it is common sense, but a lot of it is the result of a lot of thought, practice and execution.    I’m not giving away every last one of my secrets, but in attending shows with many different people over the years, reading this will definitely “up your concert game” in quite a few ways.

Please visit my new blog:   www.concerts2012.wordpress.com for more details and information on the shows I am attending this year.

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