I’ve gone to well over 750 concerts (I’m still finding and counting old ticket stubs from the 80s and 90s to get an exact count.) 

About 20 years ago, I came to the realization that my love for concerts will just grow stronger over time- and it has.  I consider myself a “Concertologist”, because, although hanging with friends is always cool at shows,  I am sometimes happier to go to concerts by myself.   In doing so, I experience things for a completely different perspective, can pay more attention to the music and the “scene” without distraction.   Of course, partying with friends before and after a show is always fun, but concert performances are for music, not socializing (people talking to me during a show when a good band is playing is one of my pet peeves).     

Concerts have changed quite a bit since I started attending them in the 80s.   I’ve seen musical styles and fads come and go.  The way tickets are bought and sold has drastically changed.     I’ve seen both great and no-so-great emerging artists that went on to make it big and people that really deserved to make it, but for one reason or another, never did.    I love all kinds of music and have a deep appreciation for good talent and the people that dedicate themselves to making good music happen.   I’ve seen many bands that I am embarrassed to admit to seeing one way or another, but some of them have really surprised me and made me appreciate things I otherwise never would have known about.  I have gone to certain concerts before just to see how bad they could be.  And I have been terribly disappointed at some of the shows I was most excited to see and paid the most money for.   I guess that’s just part of the game.      

I really enjoy the entire concert experience- from going to various venues, to people watching, to finding the best place to sit for sight and sound (among other things that are important to me).   I’ll take a good sounding spot over a seat with a good view any day of the week, but I’m usually just glad to be there at all- anything else is just an added bonus.   My journey has been and continues to be a fantastic one.   I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet the people I’ve met and check out the things I’ve seen.    And I seem to meet more neat people every time I go to a show.  Lately, I am seeing that there are other people out there that are just as passionate about concerts as I am.     I plan to buckle down on my writing and recall my best experiences over the years.  I plan to pass on a few concert tips and tricks along the way with some exciting projects I am pondering in the very near future.

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